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No police officer to face discipline over the investigation of the Stephen Port serial killings

The Independent Office for Police Conduct has confirmed that none of the 17 police officers who were being investigated, working the Stephen Port serial killings will be disciplined.

Stephen Port
CREDIT: met police

The IOPC has confirmed that none of the 17 officers it investigated over the Stephen Port murder investigation will be disciplined.

In March 2017 the IOPC announced it had launched an investigation of 17 officers into the service’s response to the deaths of 4 men, Anthony Walgate, Gabriel Kovari, Daniel Whitworth, and Jack Taylor murdered by Stephen Port.


Port was convicted at the Old Bailey in London in 2019 where the judge said that Port had carried out the murders to “satisfy his lust” for sex with men who were rendered unconscious.


According to the Barking And Dagenham Post, an IOPC spokesman said, “While we agreed none of the officers involved in these investigations may have breached professional standards justifying disciplinary proceedings, we will be making a number of recommendations to the Metropolitan Police to address some of the systemic failings our investigation identified.

“We have advised the families of Port’s victims and the officers involved that the performance of nine officers fell below the standard required. They will now be required to improve their performance.”

None of the families of the victims have commented on the announcement.

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