Ofcom Receives 200 Complaints After Megan Brands Tiffany A “Ghetto” C**T

15th January 2016 0 By News Desk

Ofcom has received over 200 complaints after Celebrity Big Brother’s Megan McKenna’s foul rant in last night’s episode.

This season of CBB is keeping the regulator Ofcom busy with complaints about Channel 5’s flagship show. First hundreds of complaints poured in over Winston McKenzie’s homophobic remarks and now Megan McKenna’s foul-mouthed tirade has sparked fury amongst Big Brother fans.

In the argument 23-year-old reality star dropped “C bombs” about the openly gay actor John Partridge, calling him a “lying sh*t” and “a two-faced little c*nt!” before launching into a filthy tirade about fellow housemate Tiffany Pollard.

In her outrageous monologue to Big Brother she branded Tiffany a “ghetto c**t” during her outburst.

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Megan’s meltdown in the house meant that producers had to separate her from the main house and call in security to calm the Ex On The Beach star down


Ofcom has confirmed that it has received hundreds of complaints regarding her use of language.