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A group called MAPS which stands for Minor Attracted Person, a term which aims to destigmatising paedophiles has apparently created their own pride flag in a bid to legitimise their sexual preference.

Some news outlets are claiming that the group insists that paedophiles are misunderstood and that they do not act on their attraction to children.


The flag opts for pastel blues, yellows and pinks.

A Twitter user put out a warning in June telling all minors if they saw the flag being flown to be warned.


It is not known who designed the flag or whether you can actually buy the flag anywhere.

It goes without saying that any sexual relationships with a minor is illegal in most countries across the globe. In the UK the age of consent is equalised between same and opposite-sex couples at 16-year-old.

The rise of identity flags.


In recent years there has been an explosion of gender and sexual identities and along with that diversity within the LGBT+ community has been the proliferation of pride flags. Almost every identity has its own flag.

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One of the first subsets to create their own flag away from the traditional rainbow flag was the bear community, who created the brown/orange and paw print flag in 1995. The flag was designed by Craig Brynes.

The rainbow flag was designed by renowned artist Gilbert Baker in 1978. The world’s largest version of the rainbow flag was unveiled in Key West in 2004.

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