“One of the best Apprentice moments”


Fans of The Apprentice were left in hysterics during last night’s show after contestant, Ryan-Mark screamed on the “Saw” rollercoaster from start to finish.


The Apprentices’ challenge in the episode was to create a rollercoaster for one of the UK’s most famous theme parks, Thorpe Park.

As part of the research element, Ryan-Mark and co-contestant, Lewis, took a ride on one of the park’s major attractions – however, the ride itself proved too much for Ryan-Mark, who screamed throughout the entire ride.

Fans of the show were left howling with laughter. One fan on Twitter wrote that he was “five minutes behind” after rewinding and rewatching the scene, calling it “one of the best Apprentice moments”.


Another described the scene as “pure gold” and another wrote it was the “funniest thing ever”.

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Even Thorpe Park got in on the Twitter action declaring that Ryan-Mark was the “real star” of last night’s show.

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