People were not happy about the “grilling” Rupert Everett got about his sexuality by John Humphrys

Radio 4’s John Humphrys “relentlessly grills” actor Rupert Everett about being gay and then asks: “Do you think there will ever come a time when you can do an interview and being gay doesn’t even come up?” – People were not happy.


Not a day seemingly goes by when Radio 4’s Today programme and John Humphrys, one of the BBC’s highest-paid talents, trends on Twitter for some reason or another. Today however people were not happy that Humphrys pressed Rupert Everett, who was in the studio to discuss his new film about gay icon, Oscar Wilde, on the actor’s sexuality – even asking Everett if he regretted coming out as gay.

(C) BBC – Photographer: Rolf Marriott

People were not happy.


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Responding to the interview, A BBC spokesperson said, “Since this interview centred around Rupert Everett’s portrayal of, and long-standing interest in, Oscar Wilde, it was not inappropriate to draw parallels between the two men and their experiences of being gay at different points in history.”

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