The brand new sexual health campaign by The Gay UK and 56 Dean Street has received high profile support from MPs across the country with numerous politicians taking to their Twitter feeds to tweet #AskUsWeWontJudge.



The campaign which was launched on WorldAIDSDay aims to give easy, free, confidential access to any person who is to embarrassed, ashamed or scared to visit their local sexual health clinic.


A spokesperson for The Gay UK said,

“With the 2011 figures showing that new HIV infections amongst gay and bisexual men at record highs, we need to find new ways to get the safer sex message through to our community”.



Amongst the MPs who have tweeted their support are Zac Goldsmith, MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston, Michael Fabricant, MP for Lichfield in Staffordshire and Stephen Gilbert MP for St. Austell and Newquay. Sir Bob Russell even took to his Facebook to tell his constituents about the new venture.


Kate Hoey MP for Vauxhall said,

“It sounds a great website and  can help people who  are afraid to be publicly asking for help.”



The online sexual health clinic – the first of its kind in the UK aims to answer a number of readers’ questions in a weekly column. The questions which are submitted by an online, confidential form are then answered by Jake Jenkins and Jenna Thomas from the UK’s most popular NHS sexual health clinic: 56 Dean Street.


Names and locations of readers will be withheld to uphold confidentiality.

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All 650 UK MPs were emailed on the 1st December and invited to tweet, Facebook and/or blog about the brand new venture.

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