The UK government has voted to ban Poppers and other “legal highs” in law that is due to come into force in April.

The new law which is due to be enacted on April 1st, will mean that if you sell or offer Poppers to anyone you could land up in jail for up to 7 years.


A last ditch effort was made to exempt alkyl nitrites (poppers) from the Psychoactive Substances bill, however it failed 309 votes to 228.

Speaking about the new law and the way in which it is written Lord Paddick told THEGAYUK:

“it’s any substance that changes your mental state like making you feel happy.

“So suppliers of air fresher for example and potentially florists could be arrested because the scent given off by roses makes people feel romantic, makes them feel better.

Last week Conservative MP Mike Freer shared a document from the Advisory Committee of the Misuse of Drugs which said that poppers were “not seen to be capable of having harmful effects sufficient to constitute a societal problem.”


In 2013 two men were found to have alkyl nitrites in their system after they died, however their deaths were not linked to their usage of poppers.

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In 2013 there were 8,416 alcohol-related deaths in the UK.

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