It’s one of the big questions on the LGBT+ community’s lips – after two years of delays and cancellations due to COVID will Pride 2022 happen in the UK?

Well, we’re not fortune tellers and we don’t have a magic ball that can see into the future, but we do that various prides are starting to announce their dates for Pride 2022 and it’s all looking quite positive that the UK will have a pride season.

Will the UK have Pride in 2022? Where Can i find a full list of Pride dates?

One of the best places to find up-to-date Pride listings is on our partner site, the LGBT+ owned and operated The Pride Shop, who are keeping a watchful eye on all the Prides that are confirmed for the UK this year. Their Pride 2022 calendar has now been launched and dates are starting to be announced.

Looking forward to Pride 2022!

A spokesperson for The Pride Shop said, “We’re looking forward, with fingers crossed, that our amazing LGBT+ community and allies will get to celebrate Pride in the UK in 2022. The last two years have been very difficult for many people, but a summer of celebration, love, rememberance and colourful Pride marches in our town centres will be most welcome.

“To help our community keep up-to-date on the latest Pride date announcements will be updating our Pride 2022 Calendar regularly.”


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