Prince Harry has made history by becoming the first member of the Royal family to take a HIV test on Facebook live.

Credit: Masha Maltsava, Milk Studios / Via Flickr

Prince Harry has become the first Royal to publicly take a HIV test live on Facebook, using the platform’s “live” service.


The popular Prince visited London’s Guys and St. Thomas’ hospital to have the pin-prick HIV test, which reveals a person’s HIV status within minutes.

The video has already clocked up 41,000 views.

Leading HIV charity Terrence Higgins Trust praised the Prince’s openness and awareness campaign.

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Ian Green, Chief Executive of Terrence Higgins Trust, said,

“Prince Harry’s decision to take an HIV test, live on social media, is a groundbreaking moment in the fight against HIV.

“Not only does it show His Royal Highness’s genuine and personal commitment to tackling the HIV epidemic, it will amplify a message to millions all over the world: testing for HIV is easy, quick and nothing to be feared.

“We have a real opportunity to end HIV transmissions in the UK, but it starts with each person knowing their HIV status. Too many people are either put off testing by the stigma that still surrounds HIV, or simply do not think HIV is an issue anymore. Today, Prince Harry has got people talking about HIV again and has normalised HIV testing to a global audience. In doing so, he could inspire a generation to take control of their sexual health.

“Thanks to treatment, testing for HIV could stop you from getting seriously ill, enable you to live a normal lifespan and prevent you from passing the virus on to anyone else. That’s why it’s so invaluable to have Prince Harry’s support  as we aim to bust stigma and end the HIV epidemic.”

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