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Prince Harry & David Beckham top the men most people would like to spend a long weekend away with, according to new research.

The prince topped the poll of famous people Brits would most like to join them for a short break.

In second place is Friends favourite, Jennifer Aniston, followed by footballing megastar, David Beckham.

Commissioned by Best Western Great Britain hotels, 2,000 UK adults were surveyed to see who they would like to spend a quick getaway with.

Andrew Denton, Director of Communications at Best Western Great Britain hotels, which commissioned the study, said,

“The British public have spoken and crowned Prince Harry their King.

“He was a popular break date choice in the poll but you don’t need to be royalty to enjoy a perfect break.”

Aussie pop queen Kylie Minogue also featured in top 10, along with soap star, Michelle Keegan.

Some of the notable entries in the women’s list included veteran heart-throb Johnny Depp, X-Men star Hugh Jackman and singing sensation Adele.

While Luther actor Idris Elba and The Night Manager‘s Tom Hiddleston appeared too.

The findings follow a survey of 2,000 people which identified the signs you need are in need of break.

It found that if you repeatedly hit snooze on the alarm, forget a loved one’s birthday, or put milk in the cupboard and cereal in the fridge then the chances are you need a break.

Swearing more often, entering a room but forgetting why, and finding grey hairs also featured.

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Having a messy house but not wanting want to tidy it, getting into a mild rage when queuing in the supermarket or eating more and more comfort food are also signs a break is needed.

While no longer having the energy to make small talk at work and over reacting when your work computer crashes are more reasons for some time away.

On average, people will put up with five different signs a break is needed before they will actually commit to going somewhere nice.

Other signs a rest might be a good idea include shouting at the telly more often and secretly wanting to dislike photos on Facebook when friends share their holiday snaps.

Realising you’ve consumed your weekly quota of wine when it’s only Wednesday also featured, along with accidentally leaving the house with your slippers still on.

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Andrew Denton, Director of Communications at Best Western Great Britain hotels, said:


“The results show it’s time the great British public stopped struggling and gave themselves a proper break.

“We all know how easy it is to put up with everyday stresses, but it doesn’t need to be like that. Britain deserves a break and Best Western is here to help.”

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  1. Prince Harry
  2. Jennifer Aniston
  3. David Beckham
  4. Hugh Jackman
  5. Adele
  6. Idris Elba
  7. Johnny Depp
  8. Emma Watson
  9. Kylie Minogue
  10. Scarlett Johansson
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