So if you find yourself in Canal Street on a Saturday night, I would highly recommend a visit to see Queeriosity, the new curious cabaret.

★★★★ | There’s a new show in town and it’s queer and curious.

I was excited to go along to a brand new cabaret in Manchester on Saturday night, Queeriosity. It’s going to be held weekly every Saturday at Void/Kiki in Canal Street, Manchester and what’s even better is it’s free entry.


It was the first show on Saturday 14th of September, and I must say I was suitably impressed by what was on offer. I was lucky enough to speak to creator of the show Donna Trump to ask what inspired her to bring this new show to Manchester and she told me “Yes it’s something new and different but you know, it’s something not to be missed. I want to unearth the world of cabaret as it’s known in Manchester. Give everyone a taste of something different. We have great cabaret in Manchester already existing and I just want to show people another wonderful side of it too” and show it they did.

There’s going to be rotating cast and guest performers so each show will be something new and different, with new performances every week with at least 4 performers every week. And if week one is anything to go by, these performers will give it their all to entertain people. All the artists on stage gave it 110% and I could tell all of them really enjoyed what they were doing. But it really wasn’t a standard drag queen show. There was spoken word comedy lipsync, high energy burlesque style and a drag king lipsynching to Hercules songs. I laughed, I cheered and I came away very happy. I have very high hopes that this show will be something amazing. What seems to set this aside is that this is a passion project of Donna and the artists involved and one feels that having a new show like this could certainly help revive the scene in Canal Street. The other great thing is that people are utterly free to come as they feel comfortable. I saw, drag kings and queens, genderfluid people, pups, and every other kind of LGBTQ+ & ally person there and no one gave two hoots as long as you were having a good time. It felt like a very welcoming and safe environment to just kick back and enjoy.

The whole show felt fresh and fun and everyone watching on Saturday really got into it, and seeing the reaction of Donna to the cheers she got at the end shows just how invested she is in this cabaret. I wish her all the luck in taking this forward and I cannot wait to see what she and the other performers come up with next

So if you find yourself in Canal Street on a Saturday night, I would highly recommend a visit to see Queeriosity, the new curious cabaret.

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