Britain’s largest LGBT charity Stonewall has spoken out against the NUS LGBT+ for its stance on gay male representation in the UK’s university system.

CREDIT: © feedough | Depositphotos
CREDIT: © feedough | Depositphotos


Stonewall has spoken out against the NUS LGBT+’s decision to rid gay male representation from its societies across the UK University system. A statement from the charity said that the best way to achieve diversity was to proactively engage with all parts of the LGBT community rather than “excluding specific parts of the community.”


NUS LGBT+ has come under considerable criticism after it said it would seek to eradicate gay male representation from its societies, after it claimed that “misogyny, transphobia, racism and biphobia were more likely to happen if societies were “dominated” by white cis gay men.”

A claim it made without providing proof.

Stonewall joined the growing concern about the NUS LGBT+ societies remit saying,

“We believe that LGBT societies should represent the full diversity of the LGBT community, including the multiple minority identities that exist within it. Gay men experience homophobia and oppression daily, both inside and outside the LGBT community. This could be because they are of faith, or have a disability, or are part of an ethnic minority. They also continue to face discrimination in the workplace, at school, in church, in institutions, or on the sports field. The fight against homophobia isn’t over yet.

“We think the best way to reflect diversity is to proactively engage with and encourage others to apply for positions on the board rather than excluding specific parts of the community.”



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Last week another leading LGBTQ charity Push Projects in Warwickshire shared its concerns about the NHS LGBT+’s actions.


TheGayUK reached out to NHS LGBT+ specifically for comment on its decisions but were directed to the NUS press office, who said,

“All delegate who attend NUS LGBT+ conference are free to submit motions for discussion but they do not necessarily represent the views of NUS if at all.


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