Tab Hunter Confidential is one of the many LGBT+ film available to view on Netflix and documents the life of the iconic film star Tab Hunter.

Have you watched the Tab Hunter documentary on Netflix?


Tab Hunter Confidential is one of the many LGBT+ film available to view on Netflix and documents the life of the iconic film star Tab Hunter.

Tab Hunter was the ultimate clean-cut, all-American boy and seemingly butter would not melt in his mouth teen idol in the 1950s. He was Warner Brothers Studio’s biggest box office film star for at least three years of his tenure there. Surprisingly, we learn from the documentary, that Tab’s sexuality didn’t play a part in the ending of his Hollywood career. It was the actor’s own desire to buy himself out of his studio contract. Even though he was a dominant star, Hunter was extremely miserable with the lightweight fluffy movies that he was always having to make.

Tab Hunter Confidential is based on the memoir that Hunter penned with film historian Eddie Muller in 2005. It is a lively account of how this handsome matinee idol, with a rigid set of principles, coped with his dramatic professional and personal life. His sexuality, although hidden from the public in the early days, was no deterrent for studio mogul Jack Warner who never raised the subject. He was simply happy that Hunter was such a moneymaker for him.

Is Tab Hunter still alive?

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Unfortunately Tab died at the age of 86 in July 2018.

The 1950/60’s heartthrob Tab Hunter died from heart failure. His death certificate, published by TMZ also shows that the actor was also living with prostate cancer.

According to the document, Tab Hunter died cardiogenic shock, which is where the blood can’t be pumped fast enough to deal with the body’s requirements.


Was Tab Hunter married?

Tab Hunter was married to his husband, Allan Glaser, they married in 2013 and were together until Tab’s death in 2018.


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