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  • Jodie Foster marries girlfriend

    Jodie Foster has married her girlfriend Alexandra Hedison. Broadcaster E! reported that the actress Jodie Foster has married her photographer girlfriend Alexandra Hedison. The pair have reportedly been dating since last year. There are, as yet, no details of the wedding as Jodie Foster is notoriously private. However, the state in which she lives, California, […]

  • FEATURE: 10 Celebs Who Came Out In 2013

    It’s been quite a year for celebrity outings, and as yesterday was National Coming Out Day, we decided to highlight the wonderful celebs that came out in 2013. Coming out is never easy, especially when the world’s cameras and press are following your every move and your career could fail because of it – so […]

  • COLUMN | Homophobia In Hollywood?

    It’s the age old question. So the at the Globes last week, Jodie Foster “came out”… Can’t say I, or indeed anybody was surprised. In fact, I’d have been more surprised if she had arrived with a man. Don’t get me wrong, it WAS very brave. I wouldn’t come out with Tommy Lee Jones in […]