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  • Joshua Rafter: Women Have Gay Friends Because We Listen, Husbands Do Not

    Speaking to THEGAYUK leading openly gay businessman Joshua Rafter has explained why he thinks women want gay best friends. You may remember Josh Rafter from the 2nd ever series of Big Brother, in which Brian Dowling championed, but Josh is one of Soho’s stalwart characters, having led the Outlet, a property management company in the […]

  • Big Brother Past LGBT Contestants Where Are They Now

    Big Brother Past LGBT Contestants Where Are They Now

    Hundreds of people have walked into the Big Brother house in the hopes of winning big or forging a career out of the experience. Some achieve. Most don’t. We look back at those gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans contestants and where they are all now.

  • Hot Hunks From 2000 – 2009

    Ah the decade that was the noughties maybe behind us now, as we step into an Olympic 2012 but the decade certainly had its fair share of boy hotness we take you on a little trip down memory lane for some boys you may remember and what they’re up to now! 15 Phixx Embed from […]