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  • Nope… There won’t be any gays on Love Island

    “The format doesn’t allow it” So there you go… hopes, dreams dashed in a heartbeat – after ITV has “categorically ruled out” that there could be LGBT contestants on the hit show. A producer who was that the annual Edinburgh TV festival, Elliot Gonalez tweeted the disappointing news, saying, ITV2 categorically rule out LGBT contestants […]

  • People really want a gay version of Love Island – with one condition

    It seems that a gay version of ITV 2’s runaway hit, Love Island would go down a storm – but people are asking for it on one condition… People have asked for “ordinary guys” Apparently, TV execs are eyeing up a gay version of ITV 2’s runaway hit series Love Island after the creator, Richard Cowes said […]

  • There could be a gay Love Island

    And we’re totally open for that. Apparently TV execs are eyeing up a gay version of ITV 2’s runaway hit series Love Island after the creator, Richard Cowes said he’d love to see a man on man version of the show but said that trying to mix the two versions would be difficult. The show […]

  • When two guys shave their initials into their privates

    What a world we live in… Love Island‘s Kem and Chris have taken their bromance to new levels after deciding to shave each other’s initials into each other’s pubic hair. As you do. Is it us, or is that just weird? I mean, no judgement, obvs. If you want to get into each other’s pants […]

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