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FILM REVIEW | Love, Simon

★★★★★ | Love, Simon He’s just like you. Simon Spiel (portrayed by Nick Robinson) has a “huge ass secret” in Love, Simon… he’s gay. The seventeen-year-old hasn’t told his perfectly ordinary nuclear family or his perfectly ordinary group of friends […]


FILM REVIEW | The Florida Project

★★★★★ |  The Florida Project From filmmaker Sean Baker, writer and director of 2015’s critically acclaimed film Tangerine, comes another film about living life on the edge in the bittersweet The Florida Project. Tangerine, which was shot on iPhones, told the […]


FILM REVIEW | Body Electric

★★★★ | Body Electric Life is one big party for the characters in the new film Body Electric. Elias (a sexy Keiner Macedo) is the assistant manager in a factory somewhere in Brazil. He’s only 23 and quite young to […]