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  • Should only gay actors play gay characters?

    Should only gay actors play gay characters?

    It’s a hot topic

  • FILM REVIEW | The Post

    Brilliantly observed and timely. Nutshell: Steven Speilberg’s latest outing with Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks in the starring roles, is probably more important than we think. What with Trump’s constant attacks on the “fake news” media and the fight for women’s equality in the spotlight, The Post, shows how far, we haven’t come since the 70s. […]

  • 9 Of The Best LGBT Characters On TV

    Just how well are us LGBTs portrayed on television & film? Here are 9 of our favourite TV characters. So I’m going to list my 9 best examples of LGBT characters based on their iconic status or accurate portrayal. For this list I’m using the characters sexuality and identity only, not the actors who portray […]