Queens Everywhere!! The Queens of Rupaul’s Drag Race 12 have been Ruvealed!!

Oh Girl!! It’s happening!! Drag Race 12 is almost here, and after that reveal I can’t wait till February 28.

Introduced by last year’s winner Ivy Oddly thirteen fresh new queens paraded the runway all looking fierce.

Going by their introduction videos we’re in for a treat. There is a queen for everyone: Comedy, glamour, horror, sci-fi, fashion, gender f and anime, it’s all there.

Their backgrounds are as fabulous as their looks. We have our first Armenian queen, a queen that immigrated just to join the show, a queen that did America’s Got Talent, a queen that is championed by Adele and various queens that have some well-known drag mama’s. 

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Meanwhile, mama Ru herself is looking fierce in her trailer. She is looking passionate and ready for business.

It looks like Drag Race UK and AJ and the Queen have given her a new groove.

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Check out the Ruveal, the trailer and the queens below.

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