Pride Month is a pretty spectacular thing. Across the globe this month, members of the LGBTQ+ community have been out in force. To make themselves recognised, share their love and most importantly, remember those that thought for our present-day rights.

For some of us though, Pride Month is just the start of summer long Pride celebrations. London Pride is next weekend and we’ve got to keep ourselves looking and feeling our best. So we can be confident in ourselves and our community. Our grooming expert Thomas Swallow has got just the products to help you maintain your pride all summer long.

1. The Soap Brewery: Bar Soaps (£6.50)

Now I know we all started steering away from bar soap but I promise you, it is not the devil. Long gone are the days of your Dad’s Imperial Leather skin stripper. The Soap Brewery’s Bar Soaps are ideal for summer pride trips or just travelling in general. Easy to pop in your carry-on (they don’t count as liquids), you’re instantly set to stay fresh all way through the summer months. With ingredients kind to your skin, you will be left feeling nourished and squeaky clean. My personal recommendations are the Activated Charcoal & Tea Tree options. Both great to keep the body looking clear and avoid any post workout bacteria from the gym.


2. By Vilain: Revolution Wax (£25.00)

If you’ve seen my Brand Highlight of By Vilain, you’d know by now that I think they’re a pretty amazing brand. With their new limited edition Revolution Wax, they hit the mark yet again. The wax that is created in collaboration with their retail site Silkhaar and is everything you need in a hair wax. Strong-hold, lots of playtime to get it just right and a fragrance, that is to die for. Make sure to grab some while you can, as when this stock is gone. It won’t be coming back. Use code ‘THEGAYUK’ at checkout, to grab an extra 10% off site-wide.


3. Lock Stock & Barrel: Recharge Moisture Shampoo  100ml (£17.74)

British owned brand Lock Stock & Barrel, really hit the mark on their Recharge shampoo. It’s a rare feat for a shampoo not to leave your hair feeling stripped but actually nourished and this shampoo does exactly that. This product has quickly become a staple in my morning routine and creates the perfect canvas to style your hair. Allowing me to go longer between conditioning, I find my hair much easier to style and manage. I’d definitely give this one a go, especially in the summer months. To give our scalps a more gentle treatment, whilst coping with the summer heat.



4. Radox: Bath Therapy Muscle Relax Bath Salts 900g (£4.99)

I’ll have to be honest, I never thought I’d be mentioning Radox in one of these lists but I have kind of been loving their Bath Salts lately. With Pride and summer looming, I’ve been hitting the gym more and generally just taking better care of myself and my body. One thing that I’ve found essential throughout this process, is the need to relax and unwind after a long day. My muscles are aching and my body/mind just need a break. Here’s where the Radox Bath Salts come in. A few handfuls in a lukewarm bath and unwind for 20 minutes. I say lukewarm here, as nobody needs a boiling bath in the summer heat and just in general, hot water is terrible for your skin. I would say to avoid these if you have a fragrance allergy but if you tolerate fragrance well, definitely give them a go. I find them super relaxing and are a very good price point, for the amount you get.


5. PROVERB Skincare: Strengthening Skin Serum (£65.00)

Albeit more on the higher end of the pricing scale, PROVERB Skincare is definitely an investment worth making. Their Strengthening Skin Serum is an anti-ageing miracle. Fortifying the skin barrier, leaving skin looking plump, supple and full of life. Ideal to use morning and evening during the summer months under moisturiser, to help renew and fortify the skin barrier pre and post-sun exposure. It’s definitely something you need in your travel bag for your summer holidays. Because let’s face it, boys, we can age gracefully or like a leather handbag. Apply the SPF and look after your skin!