THEATRE REVIEW | The Shape of Things, Arcola Theatre London

4th December 2013 0 By Chris Bridges

★★★★★ | The Shape of Things, Arcola Theatre London

I’m sure you all know the scenario: you meet a man who you feel needs a few little tweaks just to make him perfect.

Maybe he needs a new hairstyle or better clothes, maybe a better physique or a more sparkling repartee. Perhaps he needs to lose a few of his less desirable friends. What if this was to become the main feature of your relationship, though? What if changing him was the impetus of your bond? Where do you draw the line?

This 2001 play from Neil LaBute (In the Company of Men, Your Friends and Neighbours, Fat Pig) is well worth this refreshing revival and is as pertinent today as it was the day it was written. The rapier sharp and pacey dialogue makes for a gripping piece that is both hilariously funny and chilling in equal measures. The cast of four are particularly strong with outstanding performances that draw you in to the narrative and the cunning use of an initially minimalist set underlines the play’s themes. The intimate space of the Arcola Theatre lends itself well to this intense and witty black comedy.

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It’s definitely well worth travelling out to the funky Arcola theatre to catch this modern classic with killer performances from a particularly strong cast.

The play runs until the 21st of December

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