gay saunas in the UK
Which London Saunas have reopened and which are planning to open soon?

Searches for gay saunas have skyrocketed on THEGAYUK, as gay, bi and curious men search to find out if bathhouses have reopened as lockdown in many business sectors eases.

Here we find out which saunas in London have reopened and what services they are currently providing.


Pleasuredrome is not yet opened but is planning to open in August. Once it has reopened the management have laid out some new safety policies. In a statement they said,

“Pleasuredrome Spa remains committed to protecting all our friends and so we have also introduced state of the art measures such as airport-style temperature checks on entry, smart-sensor showers, ozone room disinfection, upgraded ventilation systems as well as an unceasing sanitisation and disinfection regime within the venue.”


Is currently closed and they have not updated their Facebook page since March.

Sailors Sauna

On the 25th June Sailors Sauna in London announced that it was still closed, but will be providing updates on when it may be reopening.

Sweatbox Soho

Sweatbox Soho has now reopened and is open 24 hours a day. In a statement to THEGAYUK, they said,

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“We have now reopened and are back open 24 hours a day. Someone will get back to you shortly but in the mean time take a look at our website for pricing and further information”

Locker Room Sauna

Locker Room hasn’t updated its Facebook page since Lockdown began in late March.

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E15 Club

Again, the E15 Club, like other saunas in London remains closed.

THEGAYUK has reached out to each of the businesses for the latest details and will update this page, when new information comes to light.

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