Penis problems

Having a huge peen tends to make the owner want to compare it to things…

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We’ve all seen those pics – probably shared over Grindr – the dick alongside the remote, the dick alongside the can of Coke etc. Well there is an entire thread on Reddit solely devoted to what guys with big dicks like to compare their equipment to. It’s quite enlighting.

These guys share their favourite things:

A can of Redbull

Lining it up with what you’re about to penetrate – to see how far it will go in.

A can of Glade

The TV remote

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  • Subway Sandwiches

    A soda can

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    and our favourite, a suntan lotion…

    Another Redditor explained that a long-distance crush sent a picture comparing his penis to a can of sunscreen and then sent a follow-up apologising for not sending one with a banana for scale. Firstly you have to commend his commitment to slip slop slap. Better to be safe than sorry.

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