This Brighton church welcomes its first non-binary, trans man ordained minister

A Brighton church is the first to welcome their first non-binary, trans man minister.

Rev. Peta Evans is to join the church in Brighton as an Associate Pastor. The Village Metropolitan Community Church is a church which was created by LGBT+ Christians, their families, their friends and allies.

The Reverend’s first sermon is due to be given on the 8th October at 6 PM at the Village MCC. In 2010 Peta left Brighton to train a clergy intern in North London and now is returning to Brighton


When not ministering, Peta is a care-worker and tailor.

Rev. Peta said, “Returning to Brighton, I am excited to serve again in the community which first welcomed me and supported me in both my ministry journey and my gender transition. I would love to see the sincere passion and integrity of The Village MCC reach out even more widely to people of all ages, gender identities and walks of life.

“I am also enthusiastic about reclaiming the Bible from those who have tried to make it a weapon against those who are different, and I’m starting a group for Trans people to do just that, ReTranslation, to look at the text for themselves without past interpretations getting in the way. I have a love for Celtic spirituality, which weaves together the practical and the spiritual, finding depth and delight in all things, no matter how mundane, and for creative expressions of spirituality, which I hope to share with The Village in the coming months.”

Rev. Michael Hydes, Senior Pastor of The Village MCC said, “I’m looking forward to working with Rev. Peta. Their rootedness in Celtic Christianity and experience working in the Trans communities are just two of the many gifts they bring to their work. I know we’ll all be enriched by their participation in our church life and leadership within our community of faith.”

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