Serial murderer Andrew Cunanan commits suicide in 1997.

Back in 1997, Andrew Cunanan committed suicide after killing at least five men, including the fashion designer, Gianni Versace and the Chicago tycoon Lee Miglin, during a three-month period in mid-1997.

The story of his murders was recently turned into a TV drama called The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story.

His victims

Cunanan’s gruesome killing spree began in the spring of 1997. Warning the below description contain’s graphic details, which some may find disturbing.

Born in August 1969, Andrew Cunanan’s killing spree started with Jeffrey Trail, whom he murdered on April 27th 1997. Cunanan beat Trail with a claw hammer.

Cunanan then went on to murder an architect, David Madson. The pair had previously been lovers. He was shot in the head and back. Madson’s body was found on the 3rd May.

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On the 4th May, Lee Miglin became Cunanan’s next victim. Miglin was 72-year-old and was a successful real estate developer. He was stabbed over 20 with a screwdriver and his throat sawed open with a hacksaw.

Less than a week later, Cunanan shot and killed Finn’s Point National Cemetary’s caretaker, William Reese, who was 45-year-old.

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Cunanan would then wait 2 months before his next murder, that of Gianni Versace. On 15th July, Cunanan shot Versace on the front steps of Versace’s beachfront mansion.

His own death

Cunanan would go on to kill himself eight days after his last known murder, that of Versace. He used the same gun he has used to kill, Madson, Reese and Versace. This was the gun he had stolen from his first known victim, Jeffrey Trail. He shot himself through the mouth. He was on a Miami Beach houseboat. He left no suicide note and very few personal belongings.

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