It’s on its way… Father’s day. Here’s five things your dad probably needs in his life!


1. Bluebeard’s Revenge. Available from for £34.99

The ultimate shaving kits. This one has ben tried and tested by papa and with great success. A lover of the wet shave he found the shavers kit to not only feel good around the face but believes it made him look a little younger as well. Personally I couldn’t tell. Once you have a face like Ken Dodd you have it for life!


2. Panasonic Lumix XS1 Camera. Available from the Panasonic Shop for £120.00

Buy from

Available in 5 colours, light weight and easy to use. This is one camera dad would love to get his hands on. Snapping up plenty of family shots and playing around with the 13 different filters, or recording those special moments, with the built in HD video setting, ready to sell them on to You’ve Been Framed.


3. Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon. Available Waitrose, Harrods & Harvey Nichols £24.35

An extremely smooth and sweet bourbon that would please any father who loves a wee tipple on a Friday night. My dad however likes one on most nights. A lover of his fine malt whisky he was very pleased to report the Buffalo Trace was even better than some of his own collection. Having been made on the banks of the Kentucky river for over 200 years, they’ve had plenty of time to perfect this golden bourbon, and perfect it seems they have.


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4. Huey Lewis and the News – Sports. Available from all good record outlets £9.99 or Amazon

Having sold nearly 10 million copies, this 30th anniversary deluxe edition is sure to get the older fathers out there up and dancing again to music they have heard of! This special edition comes on 2 disks with the original songs on one and then live recordings on the other.


5. Molton Brown SPORT for men gift set. Available from £50.00

For the more sporty dads out there, I say sporty, I basically mean everyone as my dad has made sorting the newspapers into a sport, well Molton Brown have brought out a new Sport collection. This includes a 4 in 1 Sports wash for body, face, hair and shaving with. Great if you’re going away and want to pack light as it does it all. Cassia bark, nutmeg and lime all help to create another success for the Molton Brown collection.


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