Tucano Urbano Gloves MRK 2

For the last few thousand miles, I’ve been using some Tucano Urbano MRK 2 summer gloves.

An odd choice maybe in April and May in the UK, but they’ve been great.

Tucano Urbano is an Italian manufacturer who’s range offers Italian design and style with practical solutions for urban scooter and motorcycle riders, so I’m told.

They’ve been around for 20 years and have a good reputation for making quality gear.



These gloves have a soft, synthetic suede palm with a flexible anti-abrasion rubber insert.

Aero 3D mesh around the palm and the back of the gloves gives maximum ventilation. These are very light and soft.

Silicone rubber strips on the fingers improve grip and goat’s leather inserts around the wrist and all over the knuckles add strength and durability whilst keeping the soft, light feel of these gloves.

There is soft certified armour on the knuckles and some rubber protection on the top of the fingers too.

Velcro adjustment on the cuff is also by goat’s leather strap with microinjection ends for easy opening. These are also touchscreen gloves which is very handy when using your satnav.

Fit and feel

At first, I thought these gloves would simply be too light to wear in anything but glorious sunshine but that’s not been the case. They are very light and heavily vented, but I really light how soft and light they are. Because of the feel, I’ve worn them in all weathers; warm sunny days, cold windy days and even pouring with rain days. I expect in deepest winter they would be too light, but I haven’t struggled at all. When they’ve got wet in the rain, they’ve always dried really quickly. Maybe because they are so light.

They fit well and being a short glove, don’t get in the way of cuffs.

My Spidi gloves are a size 9 – L so went for the same with these Tucano Urbano gloves. They’re spot on.

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MRK 2 are short summer gloves and as such, are a little short on the full-on protection you might find on a full blown leather glove.

There is soft, certified armour on the knuckles and anti-abrasion pads on the palm and fingers plus goat’s skin along the tops of the fingers and thumb.

Tucano Urbano MRK 2 gloves are CE approved: meets the EN 13594:2015–CE safety standards for motorbike gloves.


You wouldn’t expect these to be warm. They are a heavily vented, lightweight summer glove after all. I was surprised to find they have been great so far. I’m sure when the temperatures hit single digits, it will be time to pull out the winter gloves but I will use these as long as I can.



Well, let’s be realistic, there is none. It’s a summer glove after all. Like I said before though, I’ve worn these in the pouring rain and decided to wear latex gloves under them. When they were soaking, they held their shape and performed just as well as when they are dry. They dried out quickly too.

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Tucano Urbano has been known primarily for scooter gear, but if you look at their current range, it’s huge. It covers everything from under layers to helmets to men’s motorcycle gear, women’s motorcycle gear, boots, gloves and lots more.

These gloves are so light and comfortable I’ve really enjoyed wearing them. There’s not much worse than wearing gloves that blunt your feel. These certainly do not. They are my new glove of choice until winter sets in.


Sizes XS > XXL

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