Twenty things that are keeping us up at night

So are you having trouble sleeping at night? Well apparently you’re not the only one.

CREDIT: Dmytro-Sidelnikov-bigstock
CREDIT: Dmytro-Sidelnikov-bigstock


So the peeps at Dreams commissioned some research to find out what’s bugging us all before we go to bed… Here’s twenty things that are keeping Brits up at night!


1. You’re too hot

2. Stress

3. You struggle to get comfortable

4. Worries about money


5. Your partner is snoring


6. You are nervous about something you have to do the next day

7. Health issues

8. You’re not tired

9. Worries about your relationship/family

10. You’re too cold

11. You often have bad dreams or night terrors

12. Worries about work

13. You hear noises during the night

14. Young children keep you awake

15. Your partner fidgets a lot

16. You spend too long looking at your phone/tablet before bed

CREDIT: monkeybusinessimages-bigstock
CREDIT: monkeybusinessimages-bigstock


17. You’re too excited about something to sleep

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18. Your bed isn’t very comfortable

19. You’ve eaten too late

20. You’ve had too much caffeine


Or maybe you need some Nytol?

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