Jordan Gray

Trans Voice star Jordan Gray is called a transphobic slur as she kisses her girlfriend in Luton Park.

Jordan Gray


The Voice’s Jordan Gray who has been touring the UK for Pride season has spoken up about a transphobic encounter she and her girlfriend endured on the 22nd August.


The verbal assault took place in Stockwood Park in Luton as the couple kissed.

On the 22nd August, as Ms. Gray and her girlfriend kissed a man approached the pair and told them to stop as he didn’t want his children to see them displaying affection in public.

Gray’s girlfriend asked the man what the problem was.


Speaking to GayStarNews Ms. Gray said,

“He then turned to me and kept asking, ‘You’re a tranny, are you a tranny?’.

“I very calmly told him that’s not a word you use.

“I said it as diplomatically as possible. And then when he said it again, I said I would call the police.”

When the man continued, Ms Gray called the police, but the perpetrator fled the scene with his children before they could turn up. However Ms. Gray was able to take a picture of the man’s license plate before he escaped.

She added,

“It hurts and that’s not an exaggeration,

“He was completely sincere in his beliefs, and what he believed is completely counter to my existence. It hurt my core.”


This is not the first crime against a trans person, last week (18th August) a trans man was attacked in Leighton Buzzard. He was sitting in the recreation ground in Parsons Close.

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The victim was punched and kicked by a group of youths and adults after they attempted to take his bag.

Call DC Godfree on 101 with information, or alternatively contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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