Ben Whishaw was made a household name in the critically acclaimed spy drama, London Spy in 2015. 

Ben Whishaw was made a household name in the critically acclaimed spy drama, London Spy in 2015.

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Ben Whishaw has also appeared in James Bond films playing Q as well lending his voice to the new Paddington films playing the inquisitive bear himself. Last year he starred in the acclaimed A Very English Scandal. In 2015 he starred in London Spy which earned him a Bafta nomination.

Is Ben Whishaw married?

Ben is married to his husband, Mark Bradshaw. They got married in a civil partnership in August 2012. Although he’s is notoriously secretive about his private life, telling Out Magazine in 2011 that actors have the right to privacy and mystery. He said, “I don’t see why that has to be something you discuss openly because you do something in the public eye. I have no understanding of why we turn actors into celebrities”.

The couple met around 2009 on the set of Bright Star where Whishaw played the role of English poet John Keats.

His husband Mark Bradshaw is an Australian composer who is best known for his music for television and film. He was working on the film Bright Star when he met his future husband.

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Is Ben Whishaw gay?

It seems as though Ben Whishaw is gay and not bisexual. In 2014 he talked about his coming out experience saying it was “intense” but that ultimately everybody around him was supportive.

How much is Ben Whishaw worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth Ben is worth $2 million which is about £1.56m

How old is Ben Whishaw

Ben was born October 14 1980 which makes him 38. He was born Born in Clifford, Bedfordshire, England, UK.

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