Jeffrey Tambor finds himself in the headlines after a number of allegations, but what is he famous for?

Jeffrey Tambor is an award-winning actor, probably most famous for his roles in Arrested Development and Amazon’s Transparent. He has appeared in over 50 films.

He’s 73-years-old and his acting career started in 1972 when he appeared in the feature film The Summer Killer – although it would be another 7 years until his nexy film, ...And Justice For All.

In the meantime, his TV career also took a little while to take off. His first major TV role was in The Ropers from 1979 until 1980. Then again he hit the big time with The Larry Sanders Show,  in which he appeared in 89 episodes, as the character Hank Kingsley

More recently he found a new fanbase in Arrested Development as the father, George Bluth. In 2014 he was hired by Amazon to star in their hit comedy, Transparent.

Is Jeffrey Tambor gay or transgender?

Jeffrey Tambor neither identifies as gay or transgender. He is a father of five and is married to Kasia Ostiun. They married in October 2001.

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He has received critical acclaim for his role in Transparent. In 2015 Tambor became the first non-transgender actor to win an Emmy for playing a transgender character.

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