Day: 26 March 2015

  • FILM REVIEW | Silent Youth

    Marlo a young engineering student is taking a break from school and is visiting a girlfriend in Berlin. When she goes off to work, he takes off to explore the city. Crossing the street he momentarily links eyes with another man, and after the pass, they take furtive looks back at each other. Moments later as he crosses […]

  • Can Still Strike A Pose 25 Years On From Iconic Vogue

    To mark the 25th Anniversary of Madonna’s iconic music video for ‘Vogue’ dancer/choreographers Jose Xtravaganza and Salim “Slam” Gauwloos have performed a short stunning tribute. Jose along with Luis Xtravaganza, introduced Madonna to the Harlem House Ball community, inspiring her to write the iconic song and incorporate the then underground dance style into the music […]

  • Did Downton Dan “Beat Off” Other Men For The Part?

    Did Downton’s Dan Stevens provide ‘personal services? Dan Stevens (aka Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey) was on Breakfast TV recently to promote his new movie The Guest in which he plays an American soldier. Host Susanna Reid sent Stevens into a fit of giggles when she asked a question that suggested it took more than […]

  • If You’re A White Gay Male Student, Don’t Act Like A Black Woman – It’s Policy

    The UK National Union of Students has passed a policy which means that white gay men must stop appropriating black female culture. It is being reported that delegates at the Women’s Conference today passed a motion makes it against policy to snap, click or sashay away, or generally act in any way that can be […]