Day: 13 December 2015

  • 5 Steps To Finding Your LGBT Identity

    Being part of the LGBT family means that it is harder to find a role model to look up to: while there are more LGBT faces in the media then there where five to ten years ago 98% of what we see and hear about is straight people in straight relationships. In our day to […]

  • Vote For Adam Lambert Best Video / Single And Album

    We’re asking fans of Adam Lambert to vote for his top single, album and video in the ultimate Adam Lambert music poll. Vote for his best album Vote for his best single Adam Lambert’s best music video   This article is not longer up-to-date

  • Robert Dyas Release Gay / Straight Advert And The Internet Reacts

    So UK retailer Robert Dyas releases a somewhat confusing gay/straight video and now the internet has exploded with reaction, here’s some of the best… It’s surely the best/worst marketing decision of 2015, but the people are talking about the new advert which shows that people of all sexualities can shop at RD, except Pansexuals, asexuals […]