Day: 9 March 2017



    ★★★★ | BabaBoom   BabaBoom is the perfect restaurant in an area of London that shall, and will, embrace it. It’s a cozy, warm and petite place which serves food a bit different from the nearby Brewdog, Coté Brasserie, and The Breakfast Club restaurants. And the food at BabaBoom is really really good. Two can […]

  • Why is Gareth Gates walking in heels?

    Why is Gareth Gates walking in heels?

    Ah… Gareth… Remember him, the guy who gave Will Young a run for his money in the first series of the UK version of Pop Idol? The singer has been adopting a slightly different look recently… and he’s been practicing walking in heels. Well, it’s all because he’s playing Cheryl from Girls Aloud in a […]

  • Katie Hopkins set to release memoirs

    Katie Hopkins set to release memoirs

    Gay icon wannabe Katie Hopkins is set to release a memoir. Biteback Publishing, has revealed that it is to release the memoirs of Katie Hopkins. Biteback is owned by Katie Hopkins’ LBC co-worker Iain Dale. The book is set to be released in October. Speaking about the forthcoming release Iain said, “I’m really pleased to […]