Day: 10 April 2017

  • Chechnya opens “concentration camp” for gay men

    Disturbing reports are emerging that Chechnya officials have opened a “concentration camp” for gay people after 100 men were allegedly rounded up last week. Gay men who were rounded up in Chechnya last week are reportedly being kept, locked up in a “camp”, separated from their families, homes and friends. There have been reports of murders […]

  • 11 things you probably didn’t know about Coco Peru

    She’s managed to become a drag queen of legendary proportions… So what do we know about Coco Peru and the man behind the legend, Clinton Leupp? Coco Peru has been engorging audience’s comedy senses for 26 years. Many will know her for her turn in the seminal 90’s gay movie, Trick (“It Burns…”) while many new […]

  • Scotland becomes first country in the UK to approve PrEP on the NHS

    Scotland has become the first country in the UK to approve the use of PrEP on the NHS. NHS Scotland will become the first health service in the UK to prescribe PrEP after the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) announced that PrEP, the HIV prevention drug, has been deemed a cost-effective treatment to prevent the transmission of […]

  • Austin Armacost has a handful

    Normally we’re so used to seeing Austin Armacost’s behind… today he gave us a full frontal. Celebrity Big Brother star Austin Armacost has treated his fans to a full frontal, something we’re sure Instagram is going to ban any second. The star, got naked next to a picture of the iconic Amanda Lepore in the Velvet […]

  • Overwhelming majority of gay and bisexual men disaprove of MSM terminlogy

    The rising use of the MSM or Men Who Have Sex With Men terminology has been largely decried by the gay and bisexual male community. THEGAYUK recently undertook a survey to ask readers who identify as gay, bisexual and male what they thought of the term “Men Who Have Sex With Men” or the initialism […]

  • Edward Enninful announced as Vogue’s editor

    Edward Enninful has been announced as Vogue’s first gay male editor. Following the departure of Alexandra Schulman the British edition of Vogue, fashion king, Edward Enninful has placed in the top job, making him the first openly gay male editor of the British Condé Nast title. Today's office. @ruenninful ?❤xoxo A post shared by Edward Enninful, […]

  • Suicides in men with HIV are twice the rate of general population

    Suicides in men with HIV are twice the rate of general population

    A shocking study has found that men living with HIV are more likely to commit suicide than those living without. Around two per cent of men living with HIV are known to commit suicide, this figure is twice as high as seen in the general population. Suicide was most likely to happen within the first […]

  • Manchester to become first UK city to officially record same-sex domestic abuse reports

    Greater Manchester police will be making history from today as it becomes the first city to officially record domestic abuse reports within the LGBT community. Following work between Greater Manchester Police, support service Independent Choices, LGBT Foundation and specialist trainers, code “D66” has been used in GMP’s City of Manchester division since June 2016 to […]