Day: 7 June 2017

  • Want to know who Tyler Oakley’s favourite gay porn star is?

    It turns out Tyler Oakley and Gus Kenworthy love the same porn star… Yep. Having a little chin wag in Tyler’s latest video, Gus and Tyler had a bonding moment over their favourite porn star, who it turns out is Austin Wilde, who also owns the @GuysNsweatpants company. The pair were having a YouTube discussion on how […]

  • COMMENT | I’ve swung… From Conservatives to Labour

    Election 2017 – Good Luck… and Don’t F**k It Up This is the biggest election of my generation. We’ve heard this a lot and it’s mostly been attached to the Brexit negotiations coming up but that isn’t the only reason. Truth is, the country has never been more divided than ever. In the last election, […]

  • THE BIG GAY ELECTION | Interview: Peter Kyle

    Peter Kyle is used to a fight. He has represented Hove since 2015 – one of the few Labour gains that year. Now he’s standing for reelection against Kirsty Adams, who has come under scrutiny for her views on faith healing and connections to a church which allegedly claims to be able to “cure” gay […]