Day: 18 October 2017

  • THEATRE REVIEW | The Kite Runner, Sheffield Theatres

    ★★★ | The Kite Runner  Set against the historical backdrop of social and political change in Afghanistan, The Kite Runner tells the story of Amir and Hassan, who are best friends despite their difference in religion, class and social standing. The pair are inseparable, until Amir stands by as a shocking event tears apart their […]

  • What it’s like to come out as gay when you’re married to a woman

    What it’s like to come out as gay when you’re married to a woman

    David Christel has written a book about what it’s like to come out as gay, when you’re married to a woman and gives top tips on how to overcome fear, accept yourself and let people know about who you are. The book Married Men Coming Out! is about the evolution of personal identity when a […]

  • Realty star Mychael Knight dies, 39

    Reality TV star, Mychael Knight has died unexpectedly at the age of 39. Mychael, who most notably came fourth in the third series of Project Runway in 2005, has died at the age of 39. He also starred in an All-Star version of the show in 2010. TMZ reports that Knight died shortly after checking into a […]

  • COMMENT | Just what has happened to Gaydar?

    Gaydar – The death of an icon? I used to be a regular on Gaydar chat. I enjoyed that it was all-encompassing; in that, I could elect to be in rooms that were either fetish or location driven and that I could see them all at the same time. Then one night it all changed […]

  • Could George Michael be Christmas number 1?

    Last Chrisssstmassss…. So could George Michael and WHAM! finally get to number 1 this Christmas with their hit “Last Christmas”? Fans of the late superstar have vowed to get WHAM! to number 1 in 2017. Despite its success as a Yuletide favourite,  the WHAM! superhit has never been Number 1 in the UK. In the […]

  • Shane Bitney Crone: My connection with Tom – his spirit and soul – can’t be buried

    “Sometimes I am overwhelmed by my desire to see him again, even just one more time. I would give anything to give him one more hug, to have one more conversation, to share one more laugh.” Shane Bitney Crone has shared an incredibly emotional tribute to his late former partner Tom Bridegroom. Tom’s life and […]

  • PrEP ‘will save money in the long run’ says leading HIV charity

    A new report out today says that the HIV prevention treatment, PrEP would be “cost-effective” and could save the NHS money in the long run. The Lancet Infectious Diseases published a report today that states PrEP would be cost-effective. It also says that when used properly, PrEP could prevent one in four new infections of […]

  • Wowzers… Colton Haynes and Billy Eichner are really going for it in this scene

    Amercian Horror Story is back with a bosch! There’s some mighty hot moves between Colton Haynes and co-star Billy Eichner. So thing between Detective Jack Samuels (Colton Haynes)  and Harrison Wilton (played by Billy Eichner) hot up as they do it on the dining room table… and there’s a lot of sound effects too! The pair gets […]

  • Which characters are gay in Star Trek: Discovery?

    Netflix’s new sci-fi offering is Star Trek Discovery and it’s pretty groundbreaking with its representation of minorities in media  – and includes the introduction of a gay couple. The introduction of gay characters in the mainstream Star Trek universe is a relatively new idea – there was the introduction of Hikaru Sulu’s partner and daughter in the […]

  • James Franco says he’s stopped watching porn

    James Franco has said that he’s stopped watching porn altogether… and we’re like WHHHHAAAAATTTTT? Really? The man who brought us Kink, Interior: Leather Bar, King Cobra and The Deuce has said that he’s quit watching porn, revealing that when he was younger he watched “a lot” of porn. But now… Nadda. Apparently, the actor stays clear […]

  • Star Trek had not one but two franchise firsts in the last episode

    Star Trek Discovery is pretty groundbreaking… Not just because the ship looks incredible, the strong female lead and a gay couple – with a storyline… but now they’ve gone into the final frontier – the f-bomb and beyond. Yes, some fans were left stunned after Monday night’s episode (episode 5) when not one but two F-bombs […]