Your holiday is booked and with healthy living being promoted more than ever there has never been a better time to kick-start your fitness routine at the gym.

Your holiday is booked and with healthy living being promoted more than ever there has never been a better time to kick-start your fitness routine at the gym.

For some reason you’re finding it a bit of a slog, and no matter how good your intentions the weight isn’t shifting and the muscles aren’t building as you’d hoped. Your symptoms are incredibly common, you’re having a gym buddy deficiency and it’s ruining your chances of achieving your summer body goals. There are proved reasons as to why exercising with a friend can help you to achieve your goals more effectively, here’s just six to get you thinking.

1. Working together
A goal shared is a goal halved, or something like that – basically the idea here is that if you share your fitness goal with a gym buddy it’s going to be a hell of a lot easier to realise that dream. Whether it be flat abs or bulging muscles, finding a gym buddy who’s goals are similar to yours is key.

2. Planning together
Creating a schedule together will really help you to work towards your dream body, but being realistic is also necessary. Sit down and plan your week together, working out when you can both fit in a work out (always together, remember) will ensure you are much more likely to go to the gym, because you know your buddy is there waiting for you.


3. Sticking at it together
It’s easier to stick to a goal if you’re doing it with someone else so you’re far less likely to avoid a gym session because you’ve been invited to impromptu after-work cocktails on a Tuesday. Give your gym buddy a text to encourage him or her not to skip gym sessions and they can do the same for you – encouraging each other to work together to stick at your schedule.

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4. Bringing a competitive edge
Sometimes a bit of healthy competition is what you need to get you motivated, so if you can see that your gym buddy is shedding the pounds faster than you it’s going to make you want to up your game. If you have someone to compete with you’re far more likely to succeed.

5. Building your confidence
As well as being your natural competitor, your gym buddy is there to bring you words of encouragement and ultimately help you to feel better about yourself in the process. Spurring each other on whilst lifting weights is one thing but little words or emails f encouragements when you’re not sharing the bench press is also a great way to ensure you both stay focussed on your goals.

6. Sharing tips
Sometimes the mind boggles when you’re researching gym techniques and fitness plans online. There are so many options, videos, inspirational blogs and online personal trainers out there that it can be really tough to work out what will actually work for you. Having a gym buddy is almost as good as having a personal trainer because they know you and can help you sort the bad from the good advice.
Gym buddies aren’t just a good idea, they’re essential if you want to achieve your goals, providing you with encouragement, support, advice and a shared goal for you both to achieve together in the gym.