Sometimes we get all nerdy and go through out analytics to search out what people on the world wide web are looking for. Here’s 6 of the weirdest searches that lead people to come to THEGAYUK this week.

why are ant and dec wearing red ribbons

A surprising large proportion of people asked the Internet why Ant and Dec were wearing Red Ribbons – well unless you had your eyes and ears closed on the 1st December, it was World AIDS Day and the red ribbon is the international symbol for that day.

fused labia and a deformed clitoris

Dear god, over 500 people searched TheGayUK for this term, which was used in an article for I’m A Celebrity star Lady C – this is terminology widely used in the media to describe a condition she was born with.

zac efron masturbate

Earlier this year Zac Efron masturbated (without hands) in a spoof interview with James Franco. It was amazing. So amazing we screen grabbed it and made an article on it.

top 10 gay names

shop dildos for gay sex

Last time we checked names aren’t gay, but we did find that Christopher seemed to be a really ‘gay name’ for some reason.

andi peters personal life

Andi Peters is an extremely private person. All we know is that he likes burgers and jokes that he’s still only 21. Yep we’re not buying that either.

shop dildos for gay sex

what makes cum taste bad

Basically everything that is generally bad for you makes semen taste bad, here are our tips on how to make it taste better!

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