What's the age gap between Stephen Fry and Elliot Spencer

Actor and author Stephen Fry is a national treasure, there’s no disputing that. He’s won millions of fans all over the world, and this is apparent from his massive social media following, he’s actually one of the 15 most popular LGBT+ celebrities on Twitter.

He’s won his legions of fans from his days acting the comedy Black Adder to hosting the quiz show QI.

He married his husband, Elliot Spencer in 2015, however, a lot of people couldn’t help noticing that there was quite a large age gap between the two lovers. At the time of their marriage, the pair had been dating for around a year and had met in the summer of 2014.

Elliot Spencer was born in 1991 and is a budding standup comic as well as an excellent photographer, which is evidenced on his Twitter account.

Stephen Fry and Elliot Spencer at the Oscar Wilde US-Ireland Pre-Academy Awards Event, Bad Robot, Santa Monica, CA 02-19-15
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Elliot Spencer was 27 when he married, while Stephen Fry was 57. The age gap between the two is reportedly 30 years and although the age gap between the two partners may seem large, it doesn’t mean that the relationship hasn’t been incredibly successful.

Addressing the age gap and other people’s disapproval of the relationship, Elliot hit out saying, “I don’t care what people think,” he said. “Stephen is the love of my life, the light of my life.

“We laugh all the time,” he continued. “Humour is the binding thing in our life. I think that’s what brought us together.

“It’s been incredible. We met at a house party three years ago after we were introduced by friends. The rest is history.”

Is Stephen Fry gay and what has he said about his sexuality?

Is Stephen Fry Gay

Stephen Fry has made no secret of his sexuality and in a video he made for the charity Proud2Be he said, “[I’m] not proud because I think being gay is better than being anything else but I think it’s a wonderful thing to be in love and you follow your heart.

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“Desire is wonderful and you follow whatever gland it is that controls your desire.”

He also added: “I would never apologise for being born the way I was and for feeling the way I do.”

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