Sometimes, just sometimes we’re tickled pink by techie algorithms.

We were looking around Amazon (as you do on a Friday afternoon) and for some reason we took a look at douches. Just because. No judgement okay…

It wasn’t until we got to the familiar, “people-also-liked” section that we noticed that people who searched for the intimate washing device also searched for Justin Bieber and a very bigot looking book called: The Homosexual Agenda: Exposing The Principal Threat to Religious Freedom Today, which was published in 2003.


(c) Amazon
(c) Amazon

On the Enema Bulb Syringe page, the Amazon website exclaims: “Looking For “Douche” Products? Other customers suggested these items”, before displaying the book and a Justin Bieber album.


Recently a pizza business in Indiana was awarded nearly $1million from Internet users after its owners stated that they wouldn’t serve gay customers, because of their religious beliefs.

Well well, we couldn’t agree more with at least one of the suggestions…