Author: Colvis Palmer

  • COMMENT | Why Is Finding A HIV Cure So Difficult?

    Doctor Clovis Palmer discusses why finding a cure for HIV is so difficult. HIV hijacks the immune system HIV hijacks the immune system’s white blood cells and forces them to make new copies of the virus. Treatment with antiretroviral drugs is remarkably effective at suppressing the virus, and most people who take HIV antiretroviral treatment […]

  • COMMENT | The Dangerous Relationship Between Obesity and HIV

    The Dangerous Relationship Between Obesity and HIV According to recent data from the SUN (Study to Understand the Natural History of HIV and AIDS in the Era of Effective Therapy), which includes 494 patients, approximately 61% were either overweight or obese. Obesity was associated with insulin resistance, elevated cholesterol, increased inflammation and atherosclerosis. A reduction […]

  • How to fight obesity naturally

    How to fight obesity naturally

    Natural remedies for fighting obesity Anti-obesity drugs can have some hazardous side effects which make the use of natural supplements more attractive. Most drugs that fight obesity either do it by reducing fat absorption or by suppressing appetite through neuronal regulation. There are some fruit and herbal extracts that are found to possess components that […]

  • Is HIV medication making you suicidal?

    HIV drug increases risk of suicidal ideation. A recent study shows an association between Efavirenz (a common anti-HIV drug) and increased risk for suicidal ideation or attempted or completed suicide. The study conducted by Mollan KR et al., and published in Ann Intern Med. 2014 confirmed the neuropsychiatric effects of Efavirenz. With increased life expectancy […]

  • Theory: What causes the loss of CD4 T cells in people infected with HIV?

    A Theory for HIV infection: What causes the loss of CD4 T cells in people infected with HIV? HIV infection causes dysfunction and destruction of CD4 T cells that, without antiretroviral therapy (ART: a cocktail of drugs that interrupts the HIV life cycle), result in AIDS and eventual death within 7 to 10 years). Scientists […]

  • Commentary | Turning Back the Clock on HIV

    Growing Old with HIV Life expectancy has increased remarkably in HIV+ people. This is due to the improved efficacy of antiretroviral drugs. However, according to a recently published article, “Inflammatory Co-morbidities in HIV+ Individuals: Learning Lessons from Healthy Ageing” by lead authors Dr Anna Hearps and Professor Suzanne Crowe at the Burnet Institute in Australia, […]