Drag Race UK superstar Baga Chipz has left no one wondering what she really feels about the US President, Donald Trump.

Taking to Twitter the Drag Race runner up tweeted “Bye, bye you orange bastard” in connection to the news that the 45th President of the United States had been impeached.

“a basic bitch tho with small hands”

Baga chipz

In a follow-up comment she also stated that Trump was a “basic bitch” and had small hands.

Baga’s fans were quick to agree with the queen, with one adding a simple “word” tweet while another quipped, “Yes good riddance”.

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However, some her fans were more hesitant in celebrating the impeachment of Trump saying that because the Senate is controlled by Republicans, that he is likely to be acquitted.

One warned, “It now has to go through the senate – which is controlled by the Republicans- he’s going no where love” while another added, “No, he won’t be removed, but he now has that permanent scar on his presidency and once he leaves office, he can be prosecuted for his crimes. It doesn’t solve the problem, but it sets up a lovely future where he’s behind bars.”

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