The boyfriend and family of a young man who died after taking his own life is to host a party in his honour to raise money for the charity, YoungMinds.

The boyfriend and family of a young man who died after taking his own life is to host a party in his honour to raise money for the charity, YoungMinds.

Lee, who died last year with his boyfriend, Nathan.

The family and boyfriend of a young man who died after taking his life last year are hoping to raise much needed funds for the leading mental health charity, YoungMinds by putting on a party to celebrate his life. He died just a month before his 18th birthday.

Lee’s family is fundraising for the charity via a GoFundMe page with the proceeds going directly to help with YoungMinds’ mission.


Writing on the page, Nathan wrote, “We are hosting this party a year on to celebrate his life and regroup as friends and family. I’ll go dressed as a unicorn, as I am sure my boy would want me to (he loved them!)”.

Lee with his Mum and his siblings

Speaking to THEGAYUK, Nathan told us about Lee saying, “He was warm, kind and exceptionally thoughtful. I knew from the moment we met that he would be a huge part of my life”.

The pair met in Liverpool, where on their first date, they “walked along the docks and read all of the padlocks”.


When Nathan went to university, the pair became penpals, Nathan told us, “He was my pen pal too, we would write each other letters, even though he would come and visit me at university”.

Nathan also told us what life has been like following Lee’s passing saying, “My advice is to talk. Make the most of the people you love and care about. Try not to be unkind.

Lee and Nathan together.

“Someone’s mental state doesn’t bleed like a wound, nor can it be fixed with a plaster. It’s so much more complicated. You cannot see it, but so often people are bleeding.


“If you are hurting, remember that your pain is felt by many people. All people have bad days and most people get through them. Please find the strength to realise that everyone is blessed with the ability to listen. Your parents, your friends. Your doctor. Talking might not help at first, but it’s a start. Begin helping others and begin helping yourself”.

If you are in the UK, you can call the Samaritans on 116 123 if you are struggling with mental health issues. You can donate by clicking here.



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