Brent Everett hits out at Instagram for “double standards” over photo removal

Adult star Brent Everett has hit out at Instagram after it removed one of his pictures.

Gay porn star, Brent Everett has slammed Facebook-owned Instagram after it removed one of his images from the site. In a post, he slammed the photo network for “double standards” asking, “why is it okay [that] some can do it and others cannot?”

On Twitter he added, “Whenever I open Instagram all I see is peoples butts and bulges when I post one pic of my butt i get deleted”

Instagram has, in the past, come under criticism from many in the LGBT+ community as it has deleted, non-pornographic images of body-positive campaigns and removes entire accounts, even when they haven’t seemingly broken any of the service’s “community guidelines”.

In 2018 the gay pin-up magazine, Meat had its account suspended and deleted numerous times. Despite this Kim Kardashian, has posted naked pictures including a full-frontal to her heart’s content – gaining millions of likes, without being deleted by the social giant.

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The picture that Brent had removed is available to see on Twitter and shows him standing in a field, naked – but it is debatable with the picture can be described as pornographic.

Instagram said it had removed the photo, asking Brent to only post pictures to his 105,000 followers that were “appropriate for a diverse audience” saying that their standards were based on a “global community”.

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See the image click here (NSFW)

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