Putting something in before you take something out.

Sometimes seems that what is wrong with the UK is that so many have a right to take something out without having ever put anything in?

Post-Brexit there is predicted to be massive skills and staffing shortages.

Is National Service an answer? Not the National Service of our forefather but a different structure that includes the military, medical, fire and police services.

What impact would it have on unemployment if school leavers and those up the ages of finishing study were conscripted to serve 2 years for their country?

I was born after the abolition of National Service in 1960 and before the last man was de-mobbed in 1963. My childhood includes memories of a society where there was more respect for each other and for elders, where children knew their place, where there was gratitude for help and kindness shown.

The world feels a wholly different place today. I live in a country that feels to be losing its national identity and pride and where diversity and multicultural considerations are put before those of heritage.


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