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DILEMMA | My date snogged the guy at the next table

A reader asks the agony uncle about a terrible date and what he should do next

Dear Unc,

I recently went on a date with this gorgeous guy I met on Grindr. We decided to meet up and went to a gay bar in town.

Things, I thought were going really well. There was definitely chemistry between us, but when I came back from the loos, I found him snogging the guy at the next table along.

I made my excuses soon after and left.

Later on that evening he texted to see what was up and why I left in such a hurry.

He’s just so good looking and friendly and our WhatsApp chats are so good. I just don’t know if I should give him a second chance.

What should I do?



Delete his number from your phone and move on. There are so many other available guys out there for you to meet so I wouldn’t get so hung on this one, particularly as it seems he wasn’t so hung up on you.

Is there really any point in trying to salvage something that wasn’t really there in the first place?

What you had was a digital relationship which didn’t translate in the real world.

This happens, so don’t beat yourself up about that. It’s not your fault.


They say everything is about first impressions – that’s not just the first 10 seconds of your date, but the entire first date. The guy snogged someone else. What kind of impression does that give you about him?


Don’t beat yourself up and don’t spend another minute thinking about him. Mr Right is out there.

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