In stark contrast to events that filled Parisan streets last week, French Elle Magazine to publish ‘Marriage For All” issue.

The French edition of Elle Magazine is taking sides when it comes to the Marriage Equality debate raging in France, with a cover that features two blushing model brides.


According to editorial director Valérie Toranian, via The Cut:

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“This debate is not primarily between old and modern, right and left, homophobes and progressives: there are gay, pro-marriage Catholics, left- and right-leaning psychologists fiercely attached to the symbolism of gender difference as a necessity for any potential child. There are feminists who advocate for IVF for lesbians, but who oppose surrogate mothers for gays because they denounce the commodification of women’s bodies.”


French Elle’s “Marriage For All” issue hits the newsstands today (18th January 2013)

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