Is your skin in dire need of some rejuvenation?

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If your face is in need of some much needed tender loving care then you could do with a professional facial.

Recently I was invited by Epsom Skin Clinic to try out an Agera Vitamin C Skin Peel (£65) to renew my Winter blasted skin.

It’s surprising how much the seasons affect your skin, but Wnter is one of the toughest. Cold Wintery snaps, our dependence on central heating and high-street shops that have those electric fan heaters on full blast can all take their toll on your skin – and if you’re not in the habit of using sunscreen, that low hanging winter’s sun is probably doing more damage than you think.

Let’s not forget the dreadful Winter colds and flus that many of us suffer, stingy eyes, red raw snotty noses and dreadful dry mouth – by the time Spring comes around you’re about ready for a kick start to your skincare regime.

As I lay down on the heated therapy table in the lush surroundings of Epsom Skin Clinic’s rooms in Rush – Piccadilly, I’m immediately put at ease. The soft sounds of calming music and a feeling of warmth surrounds me in a completely relaxing bubble.

I’m here to try the Agera Vitamin C Skin Peel, a treatment which promises to tighten, brighten and rejuvenate giving my skin much needed powerful antioxidants, which protect against free radical damage – sign me up.

I’m warned as we start that my skin may start to sting, but it’s actually pleasant, I’m no stranger to having treatments and compared to a dermaroller procedure or a bit of dermabrasion, this treatment is a walk in the park.

The facial takes around 30 minutes to complete and as I leave the central London clinic, my skin feels refreshed, renewed and glowing.

The next day despite being warned that I might look red and a little irritated I’m amazed to find that my skin looks 10 years younger. Really fresh, really balanced.

Charlotte Botting for Epsom Skin Clinic suggests that for Spring you follow her top 5 tips for keeping your skin fresh, youthful and protected.


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1. Wear an SPF – this should be done all year round but reminding clients at this time of year when the sun starts to make an appearance, SPF is the number one product to help with skin ageing.

2. Antioxidants – these powerful vitamins how protect the skin from harmful free radicals and pollution.

3. Re think your professional treatments – as the sun is out your skin will be more susceptible to sun damage so maybe hold off on the stronger treatments and try light peels and microdermabrasions. 

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4. Use an exfoliator – slough off dead skin cells to reveal smooth brighter looking skin.  

5. Dump your Winter products – If you are still using products from the Winter months they may be too thick going into spring. Pick something lightweight that won’t leave you feeling greasy but provides enough hydration. 

For more information call Epsom Skin Clinics 01372 737280 or 0207 042 3200 for the London clinic.


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