Good news for couple Trystan Reese and Biff Chaplow as they celebrate being pregnant.

Speaking on This Morning, Trystan Reese showed off his cute baby bump even though he’s 35 weeks pregnant along with his partner Biff. The couple from Portland USA,  spoke about how they were expecting their first biological child.


The pair were able to conceive naturally because Trystan is a trans man.

Speaking about the process, Trystan said,

“I wanted to keep growing our family, and adopting more kids was not something we could do.

“We could afford another child, but that [adoption] process was very emotionally difficult for our family, and we thought, actually, we already have everything we need to grow our family on our own!

“I had to stop taking testosterone – I talked to a medical team and made sure that was advisable. We know this seems unique to your viewers, but in our community we actually know a few transgender men who have the ability to carry a child, and who have done so successfully.

“For us it’s not that groundbreaking. The doctors said, absolutely this is something you can do, there’s no reason you couldn’t have a happy, healthy pregnancy.”


Philip Schofield asked Trystan’s partner, Biff if as a gay man, Trystan’s anatomy was “a barrier” he had to “assign in his head”

Biff replied,

“I think the truth is, for all of us in relationships, when we meet somebody that we are attracted to, we are not attracted to every single part of them, necessarily.

“It’s totally possible for me to, say, enjoy hairy chests but be with somebody who does not have a hairy chest.

“That’s how I saw it. It wasn’t a negative thing… there was so much else about him that I loved and was attracted to.”



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Congrats guys!


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